Event Schema Complex Types

The following are the complex types that the Event schema defines.

Complex type Description
ComplexDataType Defines a structure that contains one or more data items.
DataType Defines a data item.
DebugDataType Defines the data that can be logged for Windows software trace preprocessor (WPP) events.
EventDataType Defines the event data items and structures that contains the event data.
EventType Defines the root node of the Event schema.
ProcessingErrorDataType Defines an error that occurred while rendering the event data for the event.
RenderingInfoType Defines the rendered messages for the event.
SystemPropertiesType Defines the information that identifies the provider and how it was enabled, the event, the channel to which the event was written, and system information such as the process and thread IDs.
UserDataType Defines an XML fragment that specifies the layout of the event data.