WIA Scripting Model

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) provides automation objects for use in scripting languages, such as Microsoft JScript and Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) development software, and high-level programming languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic development system.


This scripting system has been replaced with Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Automation Layer. See Windows Image Acquisition Automation Layer.


The following table describes WIA scripting objects and how they are used.

Object Description
Wia The top-level WIA scripting object. Use the Wia object to enumerate and connect to devices, and to handle hardware device events.
DeviceInfo The DeviceInfo object provides access to information about device properties.
Item This object represents WIA device, file, and folder items. A WIA hardware device and its images or scanning beds is represented as a hierarchical tree of Item objects.


Both the DeviceInfo object and the Item object are associated with collection objects. For information about using collection objects, see Using WIA Collection Objects.

The following topics cover general information about using the WIA scripting model: