WIC constants, enumerations, and flags

This section contains information about the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) constants, enumerations, and flags.

In this section

Topic Description
Codec Error Codes
Native Pixel Formats This topic introduces the pixel formats provided by the WIC
Native WIC Codecs This section contains information about the native imaging codecs available in WIC.
IWICDevelopRawNotificationCallback Constants Flags used to by IWICDevelopRawNotificationCallback to indicate which members have changed.
IWICJpegFrameDecode Constants Flags used by the WICJpegScanHeader and WICJpegFrameHeader.
WIC8BIMIptcDigestProperties Specifies the identifiers of the metadata items in an 8BIM IPTC digest metadata block.
WIC8BIMIptcProperties Specifies the identifiers of the metadata items in an 8BIM IPTC block.
WIC8BIMResolutionInfoProperties Specifies the identifiers of the metadata items in an 8BIMResolutionInfo block.
WICBitmapAlphaChannelOption Specifies the desired alpha channel usage.
WICBitmapCreateCacheOption Specifies the desired cache usage.
WICBitmapDecoderCapabilities Specifies the capabilities of the decoder.
WICBitmapDitherType Specifies the type of dither algorithm to apply when converting between image formats.
WICBitmapEncoderCacheOption Specifies the cache options available for an encoder.
WICBitmapInterpolationMode Specifies the sampling or filtering mode to use when scaling an image.
WICBitmapLockFlags Specifies access to an IWICBitmap.
WICBitmapPaletteType Specifies the type of palette used for an indexed image format.
WICBitmapTransformOptions Specifies the flip and rotation transforms.
WICColorContextType Specifies the color context types.
WICComponentEnumerateOptions Specifies component enumeration options.
WICComponentSigning Specifies the component signing status.
WICComponentType Specifies the type of WIC component.
WICDecodeOptions Specifies decode options.
WICDdsDimension Specifies the dimension type of the data contained in DDS image.
WICDdsAlphaMode Specifies the meaning of pixel color component values contained in the DDS image.
WICGifApplicationExtensionProperties Specifies the application extension metadata properties for a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image.
WICGifCommentExtensionProperties Specifies the comment extension metadata properties for a GIF image.
WICGifGraphicControlExtensionProperties Specifies the graphic control extension metadata properties that define the transitions between each frame animation for GIF images.
WICGifImageDescriptorProperties Specifies the image descriptor metadata properties for GIF frames.
WICGifLogicalScreenDescriptorProperties Specifies the logical screen descriptor properties for GIF metadata.
WICHeifCompressionOption Defines constants that specify High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) compression options. Allows you to choose which compression format to use when creating a HEIF image file.
WICJpegCommentProperties Specifies the JPEG comment properties.
WICJpegChrominanceProperties Specifies the JPEG chrominance table property.
WICJpegIndexingOptions Specifies the options for indexing a JPEG image.
WICJpegLuminanceProperties Specifies the JPEG luminance table property.
WICJpegScanType Specifies the memory layout of pixel data in a JPEG image scan.
WICJpegTransferMatrix Specifies conversion matrix from Y'Cb'Cr' to R'G'B'.
WICJpegYCrCbSubsamplingOption Specifies the JPEG YCrCB subsampling options.
WICMetadataCreationOptions Specifies metadata creation options.
WICNamedWhitePoint Specifies named white balances for raw images.
WICPersistOptions Specifies WIC options that are used when initializing a component with a stream.
WICPlanarOptions Specifies additional options to an IWICPlanarBitmapSourceTransform implementation.
WICProgressOperation Specifies the progress operations to receive notifications for.
WICPngBkgdProperties Specifies the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) background (bKGD) chunk metadata properties.
WICPngChrmProperties Specifies the PNG cHRM chunk metadata properties for CIE XYZ chromaticity.
WICPngFilterOption Specifies the PNG filters available for compression optimization.
WICPngGamaProperties Specifies the PNG gAMA chunk metadata properties.
WICPngHistProperties Specifies the PNG hIST chunk metadata properties.
WICPngIccpProperties Specifies the PNG iCCP chunk metadata properties.
WICPngItxtProperties Specifies the PNG iTXT chunk metadata properties.
WICPngSrgbProperties Specifies the PNG sRGB chunk metadata properties.
WICPngTimeProperties Specifies the PNG tIME chunk metadata properties.
WICProgressNotification Specifies when the progress notification callback should be called.
WICRawCapabilities Specifies the capability support of a raw image.
WICRawParameterSet Specifies the parameter set used by a raw codec.
WICRawRenderMode Specifies the render intent of the next CopyPixels call.
WICRawRotationCapabilities Specifies the rotation capabilities of the codec.
WICSectionAccessLevel Specifies the access level of a Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) section.
WICTiffCompressionOption Specifies the Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) compression options.