Fixing Compatibility Issues in Web Applications and Add-Ons

The following sections describe how to update web applications and add-ons for Windows Internet Explorer 8.

Topic Description
Fixing Compatibility Issues in Web Applications by Using Compatibility View Describes basic mitigation steps and how to plan for future application compatibility while you are addressing any issues now.
Fixing ActiveX Installation Compatibility Issues for Standard Users Provides suggestions for addressing ActiveX installation.
Rendering and Layout Changes Describes rendering and layout changes in newer versions of Windows Internet Explorer.
Version Vectors Describes the version vectors for Internet Explorer versions.
User Agent String Describes the user agent string for Internet Explorer.
DEP/NX Protection Describes Data Execution Prevention (DEP) or No-Execute(NX).
Compatibility Describes DPE/NX in Windows Internet Explorer 7.
AJAX Provides compatibility considerations for asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).
Protected Mode Describes compatibility considerations with protected mode.
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Describes compatibility considerations with JSON.



The first section describes how to use Compatibility View. Compatibility View can help you address compatibility issues if you are migrating web applications to Internet Explorer 8 or if you simply need time to debug your application thoroughly as you prepare for native support of Internet Explorer 8.


Addressing Application Compatibility When Migrating to Internet Explorer 8