Samples (UI Automation)

The following sample applications demonstrate how to use the unmanaged Microsoft UI Automation provider and client APIs.

Topic Description
UI Automation Simple Provider Sample
Creates a simple custom control that implements UI Automation provider interfaces
UI Automation Clean Shutdown Sample
Shows the correct way to clean up and shut down a UI Automation control that is hosted in a DLL.
UI Automation Fragment Provider Sample
Shows how to implement a UI Automation provider for the elements of a fragment that is hosted in a window (HWND) object.
UI Automation Document Content Client Sample
Demonstrates how an application can use UI Automation control patterns to access document content that is being displayed in another application's window.
UI Automation Document Content Provider Sample
Demonstrates how to use UI Automation to expose an application's textual content so that it is accessible to assistive technology applications such as screen readers.
UI Automation Core Window Provider Sample
Demonstrates how to use UI Automation to make a Direct2D application accessible.

UI Automation