Identifies the UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Underline property.

   name = UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Underline
   shellPKey = UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Underline
   formatID = 00000305-7363-696e-8441798acf5aebb7
   propID = 305


UI_PKEY_FontProperties_Underline is used by an application to query the state of the Underline button.

The property value is from the UI_FONTUNDERLINE enumeration.

The default value is UI_FONTUNDERLINE_NOTSET.

The following screen shot shows the Underline button of the Ribbon FontControl.

screen shot of the fontcontrol element with the richfont attribute set to true.

The following table describes the properties and the UI result.

Property UI Result
UI_FONTUNDERLINE_NOTAVAILABLE Underline button is disabled and can only be set by the application.
UI_FONTUNDERLINE_NOTSET Underline button is not selected.
UI_FONTUNDERLINE_SET Underline button is selected.


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