myIPAddressEx function

Finds all the IP addresses for localhost.


This function has no parameters.

Return value

A semi-colon delimited string containing all IP addresses for localhost (IPv6 and/or IPv4), or an empty string if unable to resolve localhost to an IP address.


FindProxyforURLEx implementers should add code that breaks the string of semi-colon delimited IP addresses into separate addresses.


    would return the string "fe80::380c:2e71:f5b9:a3b5%15;fe80::982d:a3b3:97ad:7dd0%9;2001:4898:28:7:982d:a3b3:97ad:7dd0;2001:4898:28:7:adfe:a643:8130:2fdc;fe80::5efe:;3ffe:8311:ffff:f70f:0:5efe:;;3ffe:831f:4136:e37e:380c:2e71:f5b9:a3b5" 
    if you were running on that host.

See also

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