Client Shell API Core Functions

The following table provides an overview of the core functions for the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) Client Shell API.

Core functions Description
WSManCloseCommand Closes a command.
WSManCloseOperation Closes an operation.
WSManCloseSession Closes a WinRM session.
WSManCloseShell Closes a shell object.
WSManConnectShell Connects to an existing server session.
WSManConnectShellCommand Connects to an existing command running in a shell.
WSManCreateSession Creates a WinRM session.
WSManCreateShell Creates a shell object.
WSManCreateShellEx Creates a shell object by using the same functionality as the WSManCreateShell function, with the addition of a client-specified shell ID.
WSManDeinitialize Deinitializes the WinRM client stack.
WSManDisconnectShell Disconnects the network connection of an active shell and its associated commands.
WSManInitialize Initializes WinRM.
WSManReceiveShellOutput Receives shell output.
WSManReconnectShell Reconnects a previously disconnected shell session. To reconnect the shell session's associated commands, use WSManReconnectShellCommand.
WSManReconnectShellCommand Reconnects a previously disconnected command.
WSManRunShellCommand Runs a shell command.
WSManRunShellCommandEx Provides the same functionality as the WSManRunShellCommand function, with the addition of a command ID option.
WSManSendShellInput Sends input to a shell.
WSManSignalShell Signals a shell.