Winsock Enumerations

The following list provides concise descriptions of each Winsock enumeration. For additional information on any enumeration, click the enumeration name.

Enumeration Description
CONTROL_CHANNEL_TRIGGER_STATUS Specifies the status from a query for the REAL_TIME_NOTIFICATION_CAPABILITY transport setting for a TCP socket that is used with ControlChannelTrigger to receive background network notifications in a Windows Runtime application.
eWINDOW_ADVANCE_METHOD Specifies the window advance mode used for Reliable Multicast.
GUARANTEE No longer used.
MULTICAST_MODE_TYPE Specifies the filter mode for multicast group addresses.
NAPI_PROVIDER_LEVEL Specifies the provider authority level of a NS_EMAIL namespace provider for a given domain.
NAPI_PROVIDER_TYPE Specifies the type of hosting expected for a namespace provider.
RIO_NOTIFICATION_COMPLETION_TYPE Specifies the type of completion queue notifications to use with the RIONotify function when sending or receiving data using the Winsock registered I/O extensions.
SOCKET_SECURITY_PROTOCOL Indicates the type of security protocol to be used on a socket.
SOCKET_USAGE_TYPE Used to specified the usage type for the socket.
TCPSTATE Indicates the possible states of a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection.
WSAECOMPARATOR Used for version-comparison semantics.
WSC_PROVIDER_INFO_TYPE Specifies the information class of a layered service protocol (LSP).