Enabling Synchronization with Windows Media Player

You can enable a device to participate in automatic synchronization with Windows Media Player. Automatic synchronization means that when a user-designated synchronized device connects to the computer, Windows Media Player will automatically download, update, or delete files from the device without requiring any additional user input.

By default the following devices are synchronized with Windows Media Player:

  • MTP devices
  • Mass-storage devices
  • Windows CE devices (Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and later)

For any other device to synchronize with Windows Media Player, the following requirements must met:

  • The device must advertise a PAP device interface that is {F33FDC04-D1AC-4E8E-9A30-19BBD4B108AE}

  • The device objects returned by service provider must support the IMDSPDevice3 interface.

  • The device parameter UseExtendedWmdm must be set to a DWORD value of 1. See Device Parameters for more information.

  • The service provider should implement the following interfaces:




Creating a Service Provider

Device Parameters