Creating Processes Remotely using WMI

You can use Win32_Process.Create to execute a script or application on a remote computer. However, for security reasons, the process cannot be interactive. When Win32_Process.Create is called on the local computer, the process can be interactive.


This topic describes the general procedure for creating a remote process with WMI. If you are simply looking to run a script on a remote system, see Connecting to WMI Remotely Starting with Windows Vista, or Connecting to WMI on a Remote Computer by Using Windows PowerShell. For more general information on remoting with PowerShell, see Running Remote Commands.


The remote process has no user interface but it is listed in the Task Manager. A process created locally can run under any account if the account has the Execute Method permission for the root\cimv2 namespace. A process created remotely can run under any account if the account has the Execute Method and Remote Enable permissions for root\cimv2. The Execute Method and Remote Enable permissions are set in WMI Control in the Control Panel. For more information, see Setting Namespace Security with the WMI Control.

You can use Win32_ScheduledJob.Create to create an interactive process remotely. But processes started by Win32_ScheduledJob.Create run under the LocalSystem account that can confer too much privilege.

Securing a Remote WMI Connection

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