Scripting API for WMI

The WMI scripting reference contains definitions for the WMI Scripting API. Use this API if writing applications with Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), or any other scripting language that supports active scripting technologies.


PowerShell is also available for scripting with WMI. The Get-WMI cmdlet and the three type accelerators ([wmi], [wmiclass], and [wmisearcher]) enable basic administrative access to WMI.


WMI scripting objects, except for SWbemDateTime are not marked safe for scripting for scripts running on HTML pages in Internet Explorer. Therefore, unless the security level within Internet Explorer is lowered, the script will fail. SWbemDateTime is marked safe for initialization and scripting. However, use all WMI scripting objects in GetObject and CreateObject calls on server-side code in Active Server Pages (ASP).

WMI Reference

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