WMI Provider Log Files

WMI providers also may maintain logs. Which log files appear on a system depends on which providers are installed.

These logs may be located in the %systemroot%\system32\wbem\logs directory.


The Wmiprov.log file contains management data and events from WMI-enabled Windows Driver Model (WDM) drivers and the WDM Provider. It supplies warning and error information primarily for troubleshooting and debugging the provider and client applications that use it.

The Wmiprov.log contains:

  • Errors from the WDM Provider or the device driver such as the binary MOF compile failing or failure to retrieve data.
  • The status of the MOF compile for each of the drivers which use MOF format.
  • Provider construction and deconstruction events.
  • Printout of WNODE.


The Ntevt.log file contains trace messages from the Event Log Provider.


The Dsprovider.log file contains trace information and error messages for the Active Directory Provider.

The following table lists some common problems that can occur and offers possible causes and solutions.

Message Description
CLDAPClassProvider::InitializeLDAPProvider ADsGetObject on RootDSE FAILED : <hresult> The ADSI call failed while trying to get the root of your directory services. Verify that your computer is a member of a domain.
CDSClassProvider::GetObjectAsync() GetClassFromCacheOrADSI FAILED for <class name> with <hresult> The class you are trying to get is not a valid class in the directory. Verify that the class name is correct.
CLDAPInstanceProvider::PutInstanceAsync() ModifyExistingInstance FAILED for LDAP://CN=foo1, CN=Users, DC=dsprovider,DC=nttest, DC=Microsoft, DC=com with <hresult> The provider was unable to write a modified instance to directory services. Ensure that you are using the IWbemContext interface to specify the set of properties that you are modifying. For more information about how to use the IWbemContext interface with PutInstance, see Updating an Entire Instance.
CLDAPHelper::GetADSIInstance ADsOpenObject() FAILED on <class name> with <hresult>
CLDAPInstanceProvider::GetObjectAsync : GetADSIInstance() FAILED with <hresult>
CLDAPInstanceProvider::GetObjectAsync() FAILED for ds_user.ADSIPath="<class name>
These three messages indicate that the instance you are trying to get does not exist in the directory service. Verify that the ADSIPath value and class name are correct.

WMI Log Files