WmiPerfInst Provider

Starting with Windows Vista, the WmiPerfInst provider supplies raw and formatted performance counter data dynamically to WMI Performance Counter Classes derived from Win32_Perf. This provider replaces the Formatted Performance Data Provider, also known as the "Cooked Counter Provider", and the Performance Counter Provider.

The WmiPerfInst provider supplies data to the WMI classes that are provided by the WMIPerfClass provider. This provider is a bridge between Performance Data Helper (PDH) instances and the WMI performance classes supplied by the WmiPerfClass Provider. When WmiPerfInst receives a query for data, it loads the class and uses the class and property qualifiers to locate the PDH instances. For more information, see Using the PDH Functions to Consume Counter Data.

It is not recommended that you develop new performance objects by creating a WMI high-performance provider and depend on the ADAP reverse adapter process to transfer the data to the performance libraries. The exception is when you are developing a Windows Driver Model driver and want to supply performance data. While the reverse adapter process continues to work for backward compatibility, the recommended method is to use Performance Counters Version 6.0.

The __Win32Provider instance name of this provider is "WmiPerfInst".

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