Registry Entries for Tracking Installation Progress

The Windows Media Player 11 setup program, setup_wm.exe, writes the following entries in the registry so that installation programs can track the progress of the Windows Media Player setup program as it runs.

"Progress_CurrentDialog" = dword:value
"Progress_MaxDialog" = dword:value
"Progress_CurrentInstall" = dword:value
"Progress_MaxInstall" = dword:value

In the preceding registry syntax, value is a placeholder for an integer value.

Progress_CurrentDialog indicates which dialog box Windows Media Player setup is currently displaying. Progress_MaxDialog indicates the total number of dialog boxes that Windows Media will display. For example, if Progress_CurrentDialog = 2 and Progress_MaxDialog = 5, Windows Media Player is currently displaying the second dialog box in a sequence of five.

Progress_CurrentInstall and Progress_MaxInstall, taken together, indicate the percent of completion of the current dialog. For example, if Progress_CurrentInstall = 6 and Progress_MaxInstall = 25, the current dialog is 6/25 (that is, 24%) complete.

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