Assigning a Drive to a Share

The following example demonstrates how to connect a drive letter to a remote server share with a call to the WNetAddConnection2 function. The sample informs the user whether or not the call was successful.

To test the following code sample, perform the following steps:

  1. Change the following lines to valid strings:

    szUserName[32] = "myUserName",
    szPassword[32] = "myPassword",
    szLocalName[32] = "Q:",
    szRemoteName[MAX_PATH] = "\\\\products2\\relsys";
  2. Add the file to a console application called AddConn2.

  3. Link the library MPR.LIB to the compiler list of libraries.

  4. Compile and run the program AddConn2.EXE.

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <winnetwk.h>
#pragma comment(lib, "mpr.lib")

void main()
DWORD res;
TCHAR szUserName[32] = "MyUserName",
    szPassword[32] = "MyPassword",
    szLocalName[32] = "Q:",
    szRemoteName[MAX_PATH] = "\\\\products2\\relsys";
// Assign values to the NETRESOURCE structure.
nr.lpLocalName = szLocalName;
nr.lpRemoteName = szRemoteName;
nr.lpProvider = NULL;
// Call the WNetAddConnection2 function to assign
//   a drive letter to the share.
res = WNetAddConnection2(&nr, szPassword, szUserName, FALSE);
// If the call succeeds, inform the user; otherwise,
//  print the error.
if(res == NO_ERROR)
  printf("Connection added \n", szRemoteName);
  printf("Error: %ld\n", res);