WPD programming guide

The primary source for this programming guide is a sample that ships with the Windows Portable Devices (WPD) Software Development Kit (SDK). This sample, named WpdApiSample.exe, consists of seven .cpp modules. Six of these modules contain the code that demonstrates 26 tasks that an application can accomplish using the WPD application programming interface (API).

The exceptions to the above are the topics that describe: device service tasks, the context menu and property sheet extensions; these topics were not taken from WpdApiSample. The device service tasks are based on the sample named WpdServiceApiSample. The context menu and property sheet extensions are snippets taken from applications that do not ship with the Windows SDK.

The following sections focus on the tasks accomplished by these samples and explain how each is accomplished using the WPD interfaces and a number of the methods found in these interfaces.

Windows Portable Devices