Web Services on Devices Code Generator

The Web Services on Devices code generator, WsdCodeGen, is a command-line utility that generates program code from a service description. The service description is stored in WSDL and/or XSD files. WsdCodeGen creates C++ and IDL (Interface Definition Language) files. Developers can use WsdCodeGen to create WSDAPI applications without worrying about how the data is marshaled and represented on the wire.

WsdCodeGen can be used to generate code for a service, a client, or both. The utility generates stub code for services, proxy code for clients, and interface and type code for both.

This tool is available in the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) and in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). SDK tools are located in the following directory: <Windows SDK Install Folder>\Bin.

The Windows SDK includes sample code generated by WsdCodeGen. For more information, see WSDAPI Samples.

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