Web Services on Devices


The Microsoft Web Services on Devices API (WSDAPI) supports the implementation of client-controlled devices and services, and device hosts conforming to the Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS). WSDAPI uses WS-Discovery for device discovery.

WSDAPI may be used for the development of both client and service implementations.

Where applicable

Web Services on Devices allows a client to discover and access a remote device and its associated services across a network. It supports device discovery, description, control, and eventing. Developers can create WSDAPI client proxies and corresponding stubs for device hosts.

Developer audience

The Web Services on Devices documentation is intended for C/C++ programmers and device vendors creating DPWS-compliant products.

Run-time requirements

Client applications that use WSDAPI are supported starting with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

In this section

Topic Description
About Web Services on Devices
Architectural and general information about Web Services on Devices.
Using Web Services on Devices
Information about generating code, configuring applications, and troubleshooting.
Web Services on Devices Reference
Reference documentation for the Web Services on Devices API.

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