Securing Interfaces, Methods, and Properties in the WUA API

Some interfaces, methods, and properties of Windows Update Agent (WUA) are accessible only to callers who belong to the following Windows security groups:

  • Administrator
  • User
  • Power User

When WUA detects that a caller does not have permission to access an interface, method, or property, the HRESULT E_ACCESSDENIED is returned.

The following interfaces are available to the Administrator, User, and Power User security groups:


If the following conditions are true, a search fails:

  • A user who is not an administrator sets the UserLocale property of the IUpdateSession2 interface to a locale that corresponds to a language that is not installed on the computer.
  • The search uses an UpdateSearch object created from the UpdateSession object.


The following download interfaces and methods are available to the Administrator and Power User groups:

The following installation interfaces, methods, and properties are available to the Administrator groups: