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ItemsControl.ItemsPanel Property


Gets or sets the template that defines the panel that controls the layout of items.

 property ItemsPanelTemplate ^ ItemsPanel { ItemsPanelTemplate ^ get(); void set(ItemsPanelTemplate ^ value); };
ItemsPanelTemplate ItemsPanel();

void ItemsPanel(ItemsPanelTemplate value);
public ItemsPanelTemplate ItemsPanel { get; set; }
var itemsPanelTemplate = itemsControl.itemsPanel;
itemsControl.itemsPanel = itemsPanelTemplate;
Public Property ItemsPanel As ItemsPanelTemplate
- or -
<itemsControl ItemsPanel="resourceReferenceToPanelTemplate"/>

Property Value

An ItemsPanelTemplate that defines the panel to use for the layout of the items. The default value for the ItemsControl is an ItemsPanelTemplate that specifies a StackPanel.


Replace the default panel used in a ListView with an ItemsStackPanel that has its Orientation changed to Horizontal.


            <ItemsStackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" />



ComboBox uses a CarouselPanel as its ItemsPanel. Using a different panel as the ItemsPanel of ComboBox is not supported and might result in undesired behavior.

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