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TappedRoutedEventArgs.GetPosition(UIElement) Method


Returns the x- and y-coordinates of the pointer position, optionally evaluated against a coordinate origin of a supplied UIElement.

 virtual Point GetPosition(UIElement ^ relativeTo) = GetPosition;
Point GetPosition(UIElement const& relativeTo);
public Point GetPosition(UIElement relativeTo);
function getPosition(relativeTo)
Public Function GetPosition (relativeTo As UIElement) As Point



Any UIElement-derived object that is connected to the same object tree. To specify the object relative to the overall coordinate system, use a relativeTo value of null.


A Point that represents the current x- and y-coordinates of the mouse pointer position. If null was passed as relativeTo, this coordinate is for the overall window. If a relativeTo value other than null was passed, this coordinate is relative to the object referenced by relativeTo.

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