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UIElement.Clip Property


Gets or sets the RectangleGeometry used to define the outline of the contents of a UIElement.

 property RectangleGeometry ^ Clip { RectangleGeometry ^ get(); void set(RectangleGeometry ^ value); };
RectangleGeometry Clip();

void Clip(RectangleGeometry value);
public RectangleGeometry Clip { get; set; }
var rectangleGeometry = uIElement.clip;
uIElement.clip = rectangleGeometry;
Public Property Clip As RectangleGeometry

Property Value

The rectangle geometry to be used for clipping area sizing. The default value is null (no clipping).


This example is simple XAML markup that specifies a Clip using an inline RectangleGeometry that specifies its dimensions through an attribute syntax.

    <Image Source="Images/Water_lilies.jpg" Width="200" Height="150">
            <RectangleGeometry Rect="100 75 50 50"/>


The clipping geometry for UIElement.Clip in the Windows Runtime API must be a RectangleGeometry. You can't specify a non-rectangular geometry.

The clipped area is the outside of the geometry. In other words, the content that is shown (not clipped) is the area of the rectangle that is drawn with Fill if the geometry were used as data for a Path rather than for clipping. The clipped area is any area that falls outside the rectangle. The clipped area isn't hit-testable.

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