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UIElement.XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy Property


Gets or sets a value that specifies the strategy used to determine the target element of a right navigation.

 property XYFocusNavigationStrategy XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy { XYFocusNavigationStrategy get(); void set(XYFocusNavigationStrategy value); };
XYFocusNavigationStrategy XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy();

void XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy(XYFocusNavigationStrategy value);
public XYFocusNavigationStrategy XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy { get; set; }
var xYFocusNavigationStrategy = uIElement.xYFocusRightNavigationStrategy;
uIElement.xYFocusRightNavigationStrategy = xYFocusNavigationStrategy;
Public Property XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy As XYFocusNavigationStrategy
<uiElement XYFocusRightNavigationStrategy="xyFocusNavigationStrategyMemberName"/>

Property Value

A value of the enumeration. The default is Auto.


When this property is set to Auto, the strategy is inherited from the elements ancestors. If all ancestors have a value of Auto, the fallback strategy is Projection.

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