Window.ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar Property


Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the default title bar of the window should be hidden to create space for app content.

 property bool ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
bool ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar();

void ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar(bool value);
public bool ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar { get; set; }
var boolean = window.extendsContentIntoTitleBar;
window.extendsContentIntoTitleBar = boolean;
Public Property ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar As Boolean

Property Value



true if the default title bar should be hidden; otherwise, false.


Use this property in conjunction with the SetTitleBar method to replace your app window's system title bar with custom content. See SetTitleBar for more info and an example.

To specify a custom title bar, you must set ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar to true to hide the default system title bar. If ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar is false, a call to SetTitleBar does not have any effect. Your custom title bar element is shown in the body of your app window as an ordinary UI element and does not get the title bar behaviors.

If you set ExtendsContentIntoTitleBar to true but do not call SetTitleBar, a default custom title bar is provided. See SetTitleBar for more details on this.

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