Xamarin.Android errors and warnings reference

ADBxxxx: ADB tooling

  • ADB0000: Generic adb error/warning.
  • ADB0010: Generic adb APK installation error/warning.
  • ADB0020: The package does not support the CPU architecture of this device.
  • ADB0030: APK installation failed due to a conflict with the existing package.
  • ADB0040: The device does not support the minimum SDK level specified in the manifest.
  • ADB0050: Package {packageName} already exists on device.
  • ADB0060: There is not enough storage space on the device to store package: {packageName}. Free up some space and try again.

ANDXXxxxx: Generic Android tooling

APTxxxx: AAPT tooling

  • APT0000: Generic aapt error/warning.
  • APT0001: unknown option -- {option} . This is the result of using aapt command line arguments with aapt2. The arguments are not compatible.

XA0xxx: Environment issue or missing tooling

  • XA0000: Could not determine $(AndroidApiLevel) or $(TargetFrameworkVersion).
  • XA0001: Invalid or unsupported $(TargetFrameworkVersion) value.
  • XA0002: Could not find mono.android.jar
  • XA0030: Building with JDK Version {versionNumber} is not supported.
  • XA0031: Java SDK {requiredJavaForFrameworkVersion} or above is required when targeting FrameworkVersion {targetFrameworkVersion}.
  • XA0032: Java SDK {requiredJavaForBuildTools} or above is required when using build-tools {buildToolsVersion}.
  • XA0033: Failed to get the Java SDK version as it does not appear to contain a valid version number.
  • XA0034: Failed to get the Java SDK version.
  • XA0100: EmbeddedNativeLibrary is invalid in Android Application project. Please use AndroidNativeLibrary instead.
  • XA0101: warning XA0101: @(Content) build action is not supported.
  • XA0102: Generic lint Warning.
  • XA0103: Generic lint Error.
  • XA0104: Invalid Sequence Point mode.
  • XA0105: The $(TargetFrameworkVersion) for a dll is greater than the $(TargetFrameworkVersion) for your project.
  • XA0107: {Assmebly} is a Reference Assembly.
  • XA0108: Could not get version from lint.
  • XA0109: Unsupported or invalid $(TargetFrameworkVersion) value of 'v4.5'.
  • XA0110: Disabling $(AndroidExplicitCrunch) as it is not supported by aapt2. If you wish to use $(AndroidExplicitCrunch) please set $(AndroidUseAapt2) to false.
  • XA0111: Could not get the aapt2 version. Please check it is installed correctly.
  • XA0112: aapt2 is not installed. Disabling aapt2 support. Please check it is installed correctly.
  • XA0113: Google Play requires that new applications and updates must use a TargetFrameworkVersion of v8.0 (API level 26) or above.
  • XA0114: Google Play requires that application updates must use a $(TargetFrameworkVersion) of v8.0 (API level 26) or above.
  • XA0115: Invalid value 'armeabi' in $(AndroidSupportedAbis). This ABI is no longer supported. Please update your project properties to remove the old value. If the properties page does not show an 'armeabi' checkbox, un-check and re-check one of the other ABIs and save the changes.
  • XA0116: Unable to find EmbeddedResource of name {ResourceName}.
  • XA0117: The TargetFrameworkVersion {TargetFrameworkVersion} is deprecated. Please update it to be v4.4 or higher.
  • XA0118: Could not parse '{TargetMoniker}'
  • XA1000: There was an problem parsing {file}. This is likely due to incomplete or invalid xml.
  • XA1001: AndroidResgen: Warning while updating Resource XML '{filename}': {Message}
  • XA1002: We found a matching key '{Key}' for '{Item}'. But the casing was incorrect. Please correct the casing
  • XA1003: '{zip}' does not exist. Please rebuild the project.
  • XA1004: There was an error opening {filename}. The file is probably corrupt. Try deleting it and building again.
  • XA1005: Attempting naive type name fixup for element with ID '{id}' and type '{managedType}'
  • XA1006: Your application is running on a version of Android ({compileSdk}) that is more recent than your targetSdkVersion specifies ({targetSdk}). Set your targetSdkVersion to the highest version of Android available to match your TargetFrameworkVersion ({compileSdk}).
  • XA1007: The minSdkVersion ({minSdk}) is greater than targetSdkVersion. Please change the value such that minSdkVersion is less than or equal to targetSdkVersion ({targetSdk}).
  • XA1008: The TargetFrameworkVersion ({compileSdk}) should not be lower than targetSdkVersion ({targetSdk})
  • XA1009: The {assembly} is Obsolete. Please upgrade to {assembly} {version}

XA4xxx: Code generation

  • XA4214: The managed type `Library1.Class1` exists in multiple assemblies: Library1, Library2. Please refactor the managed type names in these assemblies so that they are not identical.
  • XA4215: The Java type `com.contoso.library1.Class1` is generated by more than one managed type. Please change the [Register] attribute so that the same Java type is not emitted.
  • XA4216: AndroidManifest.xml //uses-sdk/@android:minSdkVersion '{min_sdk?.Value}' is less than API-{XABuildConfig.NDKMinimumApiAvailable}, this configuration is not supported.
  • XA4218: Unable to find //manifest/application/uses-library at path: {path}
  • XA4301: Apk already contains the item xxx.
  • XA4302: Unhandled exception merging `AndroidManifest.xml]`: {ex}
  • XA4303: Error extracting resources from "{assemblyPath}": {ex}
  • XA4304: Proguard configuration file '{file}' was not found.
  • XA4305: MultiDex is enabled, but '{nameof (MultiDexMainDexListFile)}' was not specified.

XA5xxx: GCC and toolchain

  • XA5205: Cannot find {ToolName} in the Android SDK.
  • XA5300: The Android/Java SDK Directory could not be found.