How to use Google Maps and Location with Xamarin.Android

This article discusses how to use maps and location with Xamarin.Android. It covers everything from leveraging the built-in maps application to using the Google Maps Android API V2 directly.

Maps Overview

Mapping technologies are a ubiquitous complement to mobile devices. Desktop computers and laptops don't tend to have location awareness built-in. On the other hand, mobile devices use such applications to locate devices and to display changing location information. Android has powerful, built-in technology that displays location data on maps using location hardware that may be available on the device. This article covers a spectrum of what the maps applications under Xamarin.Android have to offer, including:

  • Using the built-in maps application to quickly add mapping functionality.
  • Working with the Maps API to control a map's display.
  • Using a variety of techniques to add graphical overlays.

The topics in this section cover a wide range of mapping features. First, they explain how to leverage Android's built-in maps application and how to display a panoramic street view of a location. Then they discuss how to use the Maps API to incorporate mapping features directly within an application, covering both how to control the position and display of a map, as well as how to add graphical overlays.