Editing NuGet Metadata

Use the project options to edit NuGet metadata for multiplatform libraries

Library project types (such as PCL or .NET Standard, or the new NuGet project type) have a NuGet Package section in the Project Options window.

The Metadata section configures the values used in the .nuspec NuGet package manifest file.

Required Information

The General tab contains four fields that must be entered to generate a NuGet package:

NuGet package required metadata window

  • ID – The package identifier, which should be unique within NuGet.org (or wherever the package will be distributed). Follow this guidance and only use characters that are valid in a URL (no spaces, and avoid most special characters).
  • Version – Choose a version number consistent with NuGet's versioning rules.
  • Authors – Comma-separated list of names.
  • Description – Overview of the package's features which is displayed when users are selecting the package.


Remember to increment the version number when building new versions for distribution to NuGet or other users.

For more information, see the Required Elements Reference for more information, as well as these detailed instructions on Choosing a unique package identifier and setting the version number and Setting a package type.


All fields on this tab must be entered; otherwise, an error message will appear: "The project does not have NuGet metadata so a NuGet package will not be created. NuGet package metadata can be specified in the Metadata section in Project Options"

Optional Metadata

The Details tab contains optional fields to be included in the NuGet package manifest file.

NuGet package optional metadata window

Refer to the Optional Elements Reference for more information about the required and optional fields.


If the NuGet package is being distributed on NuGet.org it is recommended to supply as much information as possible.