iOS Advanced Concepts and Internals

This topic looks into MonoTouch API design, assemblies and classes from the .NET Base Class Library (BCL), and how Visual Studio for Mac integrates with Xcode's Interface Builder and Apple's toolchain.

API Design

Explains the design principles behind the API Binding.

Available Assemblies

Lists the available assemblies and classes from the .NET Base Class Library (BCL).

XIB Code Generation

It also covers how Visual Studio for Mac and Xcode's Interface Builder allows you to use Interface Builder to design UI.


This document explains Visual Studio for Mac's integration with Xcode's Interface Builder only. For more information on the iOS Designer, please review the iOS Designer document.

iOS Architecture

Xamarin.iOS applications run within the Mono execution environment, and use full Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation to compile C# code to ARM assembly language. This guide explores Xamarin.iOS at a low level

Objective-C Selectors

Notes and usage for calling Objective-C Selectors (methods) directly.


Pitfalls and limitations to be aware of with Xamarin.iOS.