Binding iOS Libraries


We're currently investigating custom binding usage on the Xamarin platform. Please take this survey to inform future development efforts.

Follow these links to learn about binding Objective-C libraries and CocoaPods for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Mac:

Objective Sharpie

Objective Sharpie is a command line tool to help bootstrap the first pass of a binding. It works by parsing the header files of a native library to map the public API into the binding definition (a process that is otherwise done manually). Objective Sharpie does not create a binding by itself, but it can help get you started!

Objective Sharpie 3.0 introduced the ability to bind Cocoapods directly!

Walkthrough - Binding an iOS Objective-C Library

This page provides a step-by-step walkthrough of creating an iOS binding project using the open source InfColorPicker Objective-C project as an example. The InfColorPicker library provides a reusable view controller that allow the user to select a color based on its HSB representation, making color selection more user-friendly. Objective Sharpie will be used to assist in the binding process.


iOS Bindings in C/C++ video