Introduction to tvOS 12

This document provides a high-level overview of new and updated tvOS 12.

To get started building tvOS 12 apps with Xamarin, take a look at the getting started guide.


tvOS 12 includes TVUIKit, a set of APIs that make it possible for tvOS developers to use common tvOS controls such as poster views, caption buttons, card views, and monogram views. tvOS 12 also introduces a property that allows labels to scroll text that is too long to be completely visible.

Password AutoFill

With tvOS 12, users can use their iOS devices to sign in to a tvOS app with a single tap. This is enabled through a combination of UITextContentType usage to specify username and password fields, associated domains to establish a relationship between an iOS app and a tvOS app, and preferred focus environments to select an item to receive focus after a user provides a username and password.

Focus Engine enhancements

tvOS 12 allows all apps, no matter how they are rendered, to interact with the Focus Engine. Through a user's interactions with the Siri Remote, the Focus Engine can be used with any app to select an item, hint at possible focus changes, and naturally update focus. This is enabled in custom applications through UIKit's IUIFocusItemContainer interface, the UIFocusMovementHint class, the IUIFocusItemScrollableContainer interface, and other related classes and methods.

Vision framework

The Vision framework includes an improved face detector that can detect faces in various orientations. Also, request revisions can now be used to select a specific Vision framework algorithm revision.

Natural Language framework

The Natural Language framework enables applications to perform various types of language analysis. For example, it can be used to identify parts of speech and determine the language represented by a block of text.


With tvOS 12, Apple has deprecated OpenGL ES, encouraging developers to adopt Metal.