User Interfaces in iOS

Appearance API

iOS allows many visual attributes of the user interface controls to be themed using the UIAppearance APIs.

Creating User Interface Objects

Apple groups related pieces of functionality into “frameworks” which equate to Xamarin.iOS namespaces. UIKit is the namespace that contains all the user interface controls for iOS.

Layout Options

There are two different mechanisms for controlling the layout when a view is resized or rotated: Autosizing and Autolayout.

Providing Haptic Feedback

This article covers the new types of haptic feedback available in iOS 10 and how to implement them in Xamarin.iOS.

Working with the UI Thread

Your code should only make changes to user interface controls from the main (or UI) thread. Any UI updates that occur on a different thread (such as a callback or background thread) may not get rendered to the screen, or could even cause a crash.