Xamarin.Forms and Azure Services

Azure Mobile Apps

Azure Mobile Apps provide authentication, data querying, and offline data synchronization functionality to your mobile app.

Consume an Azure Cosmos DB Document Database in Xamarin.Forms

An Azure Cosmos DB document database is a NoSQL database that provides low latency access to JSON documents, offering a fast, highly available, scalable database service for applications that require seamless scale and global replication. This article explains how to use the Azure Cosmos DB .NET Standard client library to integrate an Azure Cosmos DB document database into a Xamarin.Forms application.

Send and receive Push Notifications with Azure Notification Hubs and Xamarin.Forms

Azure Notification Hubs enable you to centralize notifications across platforms so your backend application can communicate with a single hub. Azure Notification Hubs take care of distributing push notifications to multiple platform providers. This article explains how to integrate Azure Notification Hubs into a Xamarin.Forms application.

Store and Access Data in Azure Storage from Xamarin.Forms

Azure Storage is a scalable cloud storage solution that can be used to store unstructured, and structured data. This article demonstrates how to use Xamarin.Forms to store text and binary data in Azure Storage, and how to access the data.

Search Data with Azure Search and Xamarin.Forms

Azure Search is a cloud service that provides indexing and querying capabilities for uploaded data. This removes the infrastructure requirements and search algorithm complexities traditionally associated with implementing search functionality in an application. This article demonstrates how to use the Microsoft Azure Search Library to integrate Azure Search into a Xamarin.Forms application.

Azure Functions with Xamarin.Forms

This article demonstrates how to build your first Azure Function that interacts with Xamarin.Forms.