Tizen .NET

Tizen .NET allows you to develop Tizen applications to run on Samsung devices, including TVs, wearables, mobile devices, and other IoT devices.

Tizen .NET enables you to build .NET applications with Xamarin.Forms and the Tizen .NET framework. The Tizen .NET platform is supported by Samsung. Xamarin.Forms allows you to easily create user interfaces, while the TizenFX API provides interfaces to the hardware that's found in modern TV, mobile, wearable, and IoT devices. For more information about Tizen .NET, see Introduction to Tizen .NET Application.

Get started

Before you can start developing Tizen .NET applications, you must first set up your development environment. For more information, see Installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.

For information about how to add Tizen .NET project to an existing Xamarin.Forms solution, see Creating your First Tizen .NET Application.



Samsung maintains a fork of the Xamarin.Forms samples with Tizen projects added, and there is a separate repository Tizen-Csharp-Samples that contains additional projects, including Wearable and TV-specific demos.