Bidder best practices

As you integrate your bidder and get set to go live, there are a number of wiki pages and bidder settings we recommend using to ensure that you have the best experience possible on our platform. This page highlights a number of services, bidder fields, and practices that are commonly overlooked but prove very useful to our partners.

Good reads

We recommend to set the audit_notify_email and sherlock_notify_email fields in the Member Service to valid email addresses. This will ensure you are notified when your creatives are audited and will enable you to take action, where needed.

A practice that we do not typically recommend is setting your bidder profile to run exclusively on a allowlist by domain. While this is possible, there is a very good chance you will be severely limiting the traffic you are seeing mainly because publishers reserve the right to mask domains or not provide any domain detail at all. If you find there is a publisher that is not providing the level of transparency you desire, contact your Xandr representative.