Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for enhanced Bidder profiles

How do I know which bidder profile version I am using?

Your account manager and services partner should have already discussed this with you.

Can I use legacy bidder profiles and enhanced bidder Profiles at the same time?

No, a bidder can only be on one version of the bidder profile. This prevents conflicting logic and confusion.

If you are a bidder on legacy bidder profiles, the profiles listed in bidder.child_profiles and bidder.parent_profile_id will be used on your bidder object.

If you are a bidder on Enhanced Bidder Profiles, your profiles with active set to true in the /bidder-profile API service are in effect.

What changes happened between the legacy and enhanced bidder Profiles?

All changes have been documented here: Changelog for Enhanced Bidder Profiles.

What fields in the bidder object changed?

All changes have been documented here: Changelog for Enhanced Bidder Profiles.

Where can I contribute feedback about enhanced bidder Profiles?

Reach out to your account manager or services partner with any feedback.

What fields are you keeping vs removing?

You can see a list of all fields in Enhanced Bidder Profiles here: Changelog for Enhanced Bidder Profiles.

Why can't I target Microsoft in the included members array?

All members that belong to the Direct Exchange (Exchange 1) are on a blocklist only. This means that you can not add those members in the excluded_members array on the new bidder profiles. You can see more information about Exchanges here: Exchange Service.

Is a bidder profile active as soon as I POST it?

No, new profiles that are added are inactive by default (active: false). You will have to set active to true in order to activate it.

Do the {$MATCHED_PROFILE_CODE} and {$MATCHED_PROFILE_ID} macros work with the new profiles?

Yes, we will still populate both those macros. However, we will only populate with one ID/code if several profiles match.

How can I access my profile in?

You can access your profile in our new Bidder Platform UI: Xandr Bidder Login.

How can I switch from the legacy bidder profiles to Enhanced Bidder Profiles?

Review the steps here: Bidder Profile Migration Guide.