IAB content taxonomy support

This page contains extensive list of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) content categories supported by Xandr.


The specific version of the specs described here is a combination of IABv1 categorisation as well as codes from the Digital Audio Ad Serving Template (DAAST).

Spec References:

  • The complete list for IAB v1 specifications are listed here.
  • The supplemental DAAST content categories are listed here.
Xandr Creative Category Name Xandr Creative Category ID Category String Taxonomy Tier 1 Tier 2
Airlines 1 IAB20-3 IAB V1.0 Travel Air Travel
Apparel 2 IAB18 IAB V1.0 Style & Fashion Style & Fashion
Apparel 2 IAB18-3 IAB V1.0 Style & Fashion Fashion
Apparel 2 IAB18-5 IAB V1.0 Style & Fashion Clothing
Appliances 3 IAB10-1 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Appliances
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2 IAB V1.0 Automotive Automotive
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-1 IAB V1.0 Automotive Auto Parts
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-10 IAB V1.0 Automotive Electric Vehicle
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-11 IAB V1.0 Automotive Hatchback
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-12 IAB V1.0 Automotive Hybrid
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-13 IAB V1.0 Automotive Luxury
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-14 IAB V1.0 Automotive MiniVan
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-15 IAB V1.0 Automotive Mortorcycles
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-16 IAB V1.0 Automotive Off-Road Vehicles
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-17 IAB V1.0 Automotive Performance Vehicles
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-18 IAB V1.0 Automotive Pickup
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-19 IAB V1.0 Automotive Road-Side Assistance
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-2 IAB V1.0 Automotive Auto Repair
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-20 IAB V1.0 Automotive Sedan
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-21 IAB V1.0 Automotive Trucks & Accessories
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-22 IAB V1.0 Automotive Vintage Cars
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-23 IAB V1.0 Automotive Wagon
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-3 IAB V1.0 Automotive Buying/Selling Cars
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-4 IAB V1.0 Automotive Car Culture
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-5 IAB V1.0 Automotive Certified Pre-Owned
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-6 IAB V1.0 Automotive Convertible
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-7 IAB V1.0 Automotive Coupe
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-8 IAB V1.0 Automotive Crossover
Automotive and Vehicles 4 IAB2-9 IAB V1.0 Automotive Diesel
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB10-6 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Home Theater
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Technology & Computing
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19-10 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Computer Reviews
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19-11 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Data Centers
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19-12 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Databases
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19-17 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Home Video/DVD
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19-28 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Portable
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19-29 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Entertainment
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19-5 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Cameras & Camcorders
Computers and Electronics 5 IAB19-9 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Computer Peripherals
Context Link Providers 6 N/A N/A N/A
Cosmetics and Hygiene 7 IAB18-1 IAB V1.0 Style & Fashion Beauty
Dating 8 IAB14-1 IAB V1.0 Society Dating
Education 9 IAB4-2 IAB V1.0 Careers College
Education 9 IAB5 IAB V1.0 Education Education
Education 9 IAB5-1 IAB V1.0 Education 7-12 Education
Education 9 IAB5-10 IAB V1.0 Education Homeschooling
Education 9 IAB5-11 IAB V1.0 Education Homework/Study Tips
Education 9 IAB5-12 IAB V1.0 Education K-6 Educators
Education 9 IAB5-13 IAB V1.0 Education Private School
Education 9 IAB5-14 IAB V1.0 Education Special Education
Education 9 IAB5-15 IAB V1.0 Education Studying Business
Education 9 IAB5-2 IAB V1.0 Education Adult Education
Education 9 IAB5-3 IAB V1.0 Education Art History
Education 9 IAB5-4 IAB V1.0 Education College Administration
Education 9 IAB5-5 IAB V1.0 Education College Life
Education 9 IAB5-6 IAB V1.0 Education Distance Learning
Education 9 IAB5-7 IAB V1.0 Education English as a 2nd Language
Education 9 IAB5-8 IAB V1.0 Education Language Learning
Education 9 IAB5-9 IAB V1.0 Education Graduate School
Education 9 IAB6-3 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Daycare/Pre School
Education 9 IAB19-7 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Computer Certification
Employment 10 IAB4 IAB V1.0 Careers Careers
Employment 10 IAB4-1 IAB V1.0 Careers Career Planning
Employment 10 IAB4-11 IAB V1.0 Careers Career Advice
Employment 10 IAB4-4 IAB V1.0 Careers Job Fairs
Employment 10 IAB4-5 IAB V1.0 Careers Job Search
Employment 10 IAB4-6 IAB V1.0 Careers Resume Writing/Advice
Employment 10 IAB4-9 IAB V1.0 Careers Telecommuting
Financial 11 IAB4-3 IAB V1.0 Careers Financial Aid
Financial 11 IAB4-8 IAB V1.0 Careers Scholarships
Financial 11 IAB9-18 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Investors & Patents
Financial 11 IAB13 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Personal Finance
Financial 11 IAB13-1 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Beginning Investing
Financial 11 IAB13-10 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Retirement Planning
Financial 11 IAB13-11 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Stocks
Financial 11 IAB13-12 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Tax Planning
Financial 11 IAB13-3 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Financial News
Financial 11 IAB13-4 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Financial Planning
Financial 11 IAB13-5 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Hedge Fund
Financial 11 IAB13-7 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Investing
Financial 11 IAB13-8 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Mutual Funds
Financial 11 IAB13-9 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Options
Food and Drink 12 IAB8 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Food & Drink
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-1 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink American Cuisine
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-11 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink French Cuisine
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-12 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Health/Lowfat Cooking
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-13 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Italian Cuisine
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-14 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Japanese Cuisine
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-15 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Mexican Cuisine
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-16 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Vegan
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-17 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Vegetarian
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-2 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Barbecues & Grilling
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-3 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Cajun/Creole
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-4 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Chinese Cuisine
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-6 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Coffee/Tea
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-7 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Cuisine-Specific
Food and Drink 12 IAB8-8 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Desserts & Baking
Online Games 13 IAB9-25 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Roleplaying Games
Health-care 14 IAB4-7 IAB V1.0 Careers Nursing
Health-care 14 IAB6-9 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Eldercare
Health-care 14 IAB7-10 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Brain Tumor
Health-care 14 IAB7-11 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Cancer
Health-care 14 IAB7-12 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Cholesterol
Health-care 14 IAB7-13 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Health-care 14 IAB7-14 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Chronic Pain
Health-care 14 IAB7-15 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Cold & Flu
Health-care 14 IAB7-16 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Deafness
Health-care 14 IAB7-17 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Dental Care
Health-care 14 IAB7-18 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Depression
Health-care 14 IAB7-19 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Dermatology
Health-care 14 IAB7-2 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness A.D.D.
Health-care 14 IAB7-20 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Diabetes
Health-care 14 IAB7-21 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Epilepsy
Health-care 14 IAB7-22 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness GERD/Acid Reflux
Health-care 14 IAB7-23 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Headaches/Migraines
Health-care 14 IAB7-24 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Heart Disease
Health-care 14 IAB7-26 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Holistic Healing
Health-care 14 IAB7-27 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness IBS/Crohn's Disease
Health-care 14 IAB7-29 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Incontinence
Health-care 14 IAB7-3 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness AIDS/HIV
Health-care 14 IAB7-30 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Infertility
Health-care 14 IAB7-31 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Men's Health
Health-care 14 IAB7-32 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Nutrition
Health-care 14 IAB7-33 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Orthopedics
Health-care 14 IAB7-34 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Panic/Anxiety Disorders
Health-care 14 IAB7-35 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Pediatrics
Health-care 14 IAB7-36 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Physical Therapy
Health-care 14 IAB7-37 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Psychology/Psychiatry
Health-care 14 IAB7-38 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Senor Health
Health-care 14 IAB7-4 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Allergies
Health-care 14 IAB7-40 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Sleep Disorders
Health-care 14 IAB7-41 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Smoking Cessation
Health-care 14 IAB7-43 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Thyroid Disease
Health-care 14 IAB7-45 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Women's Health
Health-care 14 IAB7-5 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Alternative Medicine
Health-care 14 IAB7-6 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Arthritis
Health-care 14 IAB7-7 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Asthma
Health-care 14 IAB7-8 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Autism/PDD
Health-care 14 IAB7-9 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Bipolar Disorder
Health-care 14 IAB8-10 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Food Allergies
Hotels 15 IAB20-18 IAB V1.0 Travel Hotels
Home and Decor 16 IAB10 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Home & Garden
Home and Decor 16 IAB10-2 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Entertaining
Home and Decor 16 IAB10-3 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Environmental Safety
Home and Decor 16 IAB10-4 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Gardening
Home and Decor 16 IAB10-5 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Home Repair
Home and Decor 16 IAB10-7 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Interior Decorating
Home and Decor 16 IAB10-8 IAB V1.0 Home & Garden Landscaping
Home and Decor 16 IAB18-6 IAB V1.0 Style & Fashion Accessories
Internet Properties 17 IAB19-15 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Email
Internet Properties 17 IAB19-18 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Internet Technology
Internet Properties 17 IAB19-35 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Web Search
Insurance 18 IAB13-6 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Insurance
Jewelry 19 IAB9-19 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Jewelry Making
Jewelry 19 IAB18-4 IAB V1.0 Style & Fashion Jewelry
Movies 20 IAB1-5 IAB V1.0 Arts & Entertainment Movies
Movies 20 IAB9-28 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Screenwriting
Music 21 IAB1-6 IAB V1.0 Arts & Entertainment Music
Music 21 IAB9-16 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Guitar
Music 21 IAB9-17 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Home Recording
Office Supplies 22 IAB22-12 DAAST Shopping Office supplies
Print and Publications 23 IAB1-1 IAB V1.0 Arts & Entertainment Books & Literature
Print and Publications 23 IAB9-11 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Comic Books
Print and Publications 23 IAB9-15 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Getting Published
Retail 24 IAB22 IAB V1.0 Shopping Shopping
Retail 24 IAB22-4 IAB V1.0 Shopping Engines
Premium Services 25 IAB3 IAB V1.0 Business Business
Sporting Goods 26 IAB17-45 DAAST Sports Fitness
Telecommunications 27 IAB19-26 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Palmtops/PDAs
Telecommunications 27 IAB19-6 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Cell Phones
Telecommunications 27 IAB19-8 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Computer Networking
Television 28 IAB1-7 IAB V1.0 Arts & Entertainment Television
Toys/Games 29 IAB9-10 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Collecting
Toys/Games 29 IAB9-5 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Board Games/Puzzles
Toys/Games 29 IAB9-8 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Chess
Travel Services 30 IAB20 IAB V1.0 Travel Travel
Travel Services 30 IAB20-1 IAB V1.0 Travel Adventure Travel
Travel Services 30 IAB20-12 IAB V1.0 Travel Cruises
Travel Services 30 IAB20-17 IAB V1.0 Travel Honeymoons/Getaways
Travel Services 30 IAB20-6 IAB V1.0 Travel Budget Travel
Travel Services 30 IAB20-7 IAB V1.0 Travel Business Travel
Travel Services 30 IAB20-9 IAB V1.0 Travel Camping
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-10 IAB V1.0 Travel Canada
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-11 IAB V1.0 Travel Caribbean
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-13 IAB V1.0 Travel Eastern Europe
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-14 IAB V1.0 Travel Europe
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-15 IAB V1.0 Travel France
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-16 IAB V1.0 Travel Greece
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-19 IAB V1.0 Travel Italy
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-2 IAB V1.0 Travel Africa
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-20 IAB V1.0 Travel Japan
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-21 IAB V1.0 Travel Mexico & Central America
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-22 IAB V1.0 Travel National Parks
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-23 IAB V1.0 Travel South America
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-24 IAB V1.0 Travel Spas
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-25 IAB V1.0 Travel Theme Parks
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-27 IAB V1.0 Travel United Kingdom
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-4 IAB V1.0 Travel Australia & New Zealand
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-5 IAB V1.0 Travel Bed & Breakfasts
Travel Destinations 31 IAB20-8 IAB V1.0 Travel By US Locale
Pharmaceuticals and Supplements 32 IAB7-25 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Herbs for Health
Pets 33 IAB16 IAB V1.0 Pets Pets
Pets 33 IAB16-1 IAB V1.0 Pets Aquariums
Pets 33 IAB16-2 IAB V1.0 Pets Birds
Pets 33 IAB16-3 IAB V1.0 Pets Cats
Pets 33 IAB16-4 IAB V1.0 Pets Dogs
Pets 33 IAB16-5 IAB V1.0 Pets Large Animals
Pets 33 IAB16-6 IAB V1.0 Pets Reptiles
Pets 33 IAB16-7 IAB V1.0 Pets Veterinary Medicine
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-1 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing 3-D Graphics
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-13 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Desktop Publishing
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-14 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Desktop Video
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-16 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Graphics Software
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-19 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Java
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-2 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Animation
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-20 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing JavaScript
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-21 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Mac Support
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-22 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing MP3/MIDI
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-23 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Net Conferencing
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-24 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Net for Beginners
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-25 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Network Security
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-27 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing PC Support
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-3 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Antivirus Software
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-30 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Shareware/Freeware
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-31 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Unix
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-32 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Visual Basic
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-33 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Web Clip Art
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-34 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Web Design/HTML
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-36 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing Windows
Software and Web Apps 34 IAB19-4 IAB V1.0 Technology & Computing C/C++
Non Profit 35 IAB11-7 DAAST Law, Gov't & Politics Non Profit
Misc. Other 36 N/A N/A N/A
Politics 37 IAB11-4 IAB V1.0 Law, Gov't & Politics Politics
Politics 37 IAB11-5 IAB V1.0 Law, Gov't & Politics Commentary
Religion 38 IAB23 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Religion & Spirituality
Religion 38 IAB23-1 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Alternative Religions
Religion 38 IAB23-10 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Pagan/Wiccan
Religion 38 IAB23-2 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Atheism/Agnosticism
Religion 38 IAB23-3 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Buddhism
Religion 38 IAB23-4 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Catholicism
Religion 38 IAB23-5 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Christianity
Religion 38 IAB23-6 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Hinduism
Religion 38 IAB23-7 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Islam
Religion 38 IAB23-8 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Judaism
Religion 38 IAB23-9 IAB V1.0 Religion & Spirituality Latter-Day Saints
Video Games 39 IAB9-30 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Video & Computer Games
Weight Loss 41 IAB7-44 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Weight Loss
Cosmetic Procedures 42 IAB7-46 DAAST Health & Fitness Cosmetic Surgery
Sexual Health 43 IAB7-39 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Sexuality
Ringtones/Mobile Subscriptions 50 N/A N/A N/A
Sports and Events 51 IAB17 IAB V1.0 Sports Sports
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-1 IAB V1.0 Sports Auto Racing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-10 IAB V1.0 Sports Figure Skating
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-11 IAB V1.0 Sports Fly Fishing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-12 IAB V1.0 Sports Football
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-13 IAB V1.0 Sports Freshwater Fishing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-14 IAB V1.0 Sports Game & Fish
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-15 IAB V1.0 Sports Golf
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-16 IAB V1.0 Sports Horse Racing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-17 IAB V1.0 Sports Horses
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-18 IAB V1.0 Sports Hunting/Shooting
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-19 IAB V1.0 Sports Inline Skating
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-2 IAB V1.0 Sports Baseball
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-20 IAB V1.0 Sports Martial Arts
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-21 IAB V1.0 Sports Mountain Biking
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-22 IAB V1.0 Sports NASCAR Racing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-23 IAB V1.0 Sports Olympics
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-24 IAB V1.0 Sports Paintball
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-25 IAB V1.0 Sports Power & Motorcycles
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-26 IAB V1.0 Sports Pro Basketball
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-27 IAB V1.0 Sports Pro Ice Hockey
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-28 IAB V1.0 Sports Rodeo
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-29 IAB V1.0 Sports Rugby
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-3 IAB V1.0 Sports Bicycling
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-30 IAB V1.0 Sports Running/Jogging
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-31 IAB V1.0 Sports Sailing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-32 IAB V1.0 Sports Saltwater Fishing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-33 IAB V1.0 Sports Scuba Diving
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-34 IAB V1.0 Sports Skateboarding
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-35 IAB V1.0 Sports Skiing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-36 IAB V1.0 Sports Snowboarding
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-37 IAB V1.0 Sports Surfing/Bodyboarding
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-38 IAB V1.0 Sports Swimming
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-39 IAB V1.0 Sports Table Tennis/Ping-Pong
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-4 IAB V1.0 Sports Bodybuilding
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-40 IAB V1.0 Sports Tennis
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-41 IAB V1.0 Sports Volleyball
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-42 IAB V1.0 Sports Walking
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-43 IAB V1.0 Sports Waterski/Wakeboard
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-44 IAB V1.0 Sports World Soccer
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-5 IAB V1.0 Sports Boxing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-6 IAB V1.0 Sports Canoeing/Kayaking
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-7 IAB V1.0 Sports Cheerleading
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-8 IAB V1.0 Sports Climbing
Sports and Events 51 IAB17-9 IAB V1.0 Sports Cricket
Affiliate Offers 52 N/A N/A N/A
Online Advertising Companies 53 IAB3-1 IAB V1.0 Business Advertising
Tier 2 Services 54 N/A N/A N/A
Consumer Loans 55 IAB13-2 IAB V1.0 Personal Finance Credit/Debt & Loans
Free Giveaways 56 IAB22-1 IAB V1.0 Shopping Contests & Freebies
Misleading Claims 57 N/A N/A N/A
Sexual References 58 N/A N/A N/A
Get Rich Quick 59 N/A N/A N/A
Sexually Suggestive 60 N/A N/A N/A
Real Estate 61 IAB21 IAB V1.0 Real Estate Real Estate
Real Estate 61 IAB21-1 IAB V1.0 Real Estate Apartments
Real Estate 61 IAB21-2 IAB V1.0 Real Estate Architects
Real Estate 61 IAB21-3 IAB V1.0 Real Estate Buying/Selling Homes
Family and Parenting 62 IAB6 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Family & Parenting
Family and Parenting 62 IAB6-1 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Adoption
Family and Parenting 62 IAB6-2 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Babies & Toddlers
Family and Parenting 62 IAB6-4 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Family Internet
Family and Parenting 62 IAB6-5 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Parenting - K-6 Kids
Family and Parenting 62 IAB6-6 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Parenting teens
Family and Parenting 62 IAB6-7 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Pregnancy
Family and Parenting 62 IAB6-8 IAB V1.0 Family & Parenting Special Needs Kids
Family and Parenting 62 IAB9-14 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Genealogy
Family and Parenting 62 IAB20-26 IAB V1.0 Travel Traveling with Kids
Weather 63 IAB15-10 IAB V1.0 Science Weather
Holidays 64 IAB20 IAB V1.0 Travel Travel
Legal 65 IAB11-2 IAB V1.0 Law, Gov't & Politics Legal Issues
Firearms and Weapons 66 IAB17-18 IAB V1.0 Sports Hunting/Shooting
Tobacco and Smoking Products 67 IAB9-9 IAB V1.0 Hobbies & Interests Cigars
Gambling - Other 68 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Fitness and Health 69 IAB7 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Health & Fitness
Fitness and Health 69 IAB7-1 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Exercise
Deals and Coupons 71 IAB22-1 IAB V1.0 Shopping Contests & Freebies
Deals and Coupons 71 IAB22-2 IAB V1.0 Shopping Couponing
Deals and Coupons 71 IAB22-3 IAB V1.0 Shopping Comparison
Toolbars 73 N/A N/A N/A
Alcoholic Beverages and References 74 IAB8-18 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Wine
Alcoholic Beverages and References 74 IAB8-5 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Cocktails/Beer
is behaviorally targeted 75 N/A N/A N/A
is remarketing 76 N/A N/A N/A
is cookie targeted 77 N/A N/A N/A
Quizzes and Surveys 78 N/A N/A N/A
Flashing and Strobing 79 N/A N/A N/A
Fake Closing Action 80 N/A N/A N/A
survey popup 81 N/A N/A N/A
Creative is a game 82 N/A N/A N/A
Generic Creative (creative content does not match landing page) 83 N/A N/A N/A
Blood/Gore 84 IAB25-2 IAB V1.0 Non-Standard Content Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence
News 85 IAB12 IAB V1.0 News News
News 85 IAB12-1 IAB V1.0 News International News
News 85 IAB12-2 IAB V1.0 News National News
News 85 IAB12-3 IAB V1.0 News Local News
Flowers and Gifts 86 IAB22-17 DAAST Shopping Florist/Balloons
Government 87 IAB3-7 IAB V1.0 Business Government
Government 87 IAB4-10 IAB V1.0 Careers U.S. Military
Government 87 IAB11 IAB V1.0 Law, Gov't & Politics Law, Gov't & Politics
Government 87 IAB11-1 IAB V1.0 Law, Gov't & Politics Immigration
Government 87 IAB11-3 IAB V1.0 Law, Gov't & Politics U.S. Government Resources
Misleading personalization 108 N/A N/A N/A
Political: "Hot button" issue for commercial use 109 N/A N/A N/A
No privacy policy 110 N/A N/A N/A
Implies personal characteristics of user 111 N/A N/A N/A
Pharmaceuticals - Prescription 112 N/A N/A N/A
Pharmaceuticals - Non-prescription 113 N/A N/A N/A
Pharmaceuticals - Herbal supplements 114 IAB7-25 IAB V1.0 Health & Fitness Herbs for Health
Pharmaceuticals - Steroid-like supplements 115 IAB7-46 DAAST Health & Fitness Cosmetic Surgery
Un-disclosed subscription services 116 N/A N/A N/A
Mimics Facebook Interface 117 N/A N/A N/A
Gambling - Online gambling 118 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Sports betting 119 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Scratch card site 120 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Casino advertising resort 121 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Casino advertising gambling 122 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Government-run lottery 123 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Non-government lottery 124 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Penny auctions 125 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Educational or tools 126 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Sweepstakes 127 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Mild or Suggestive Profanity 128 N/A N/A N/A
Undefined Borders 129 N/A N/A N/A
Rotating creative 130 N/A N/A N/A
Download/Watch/Play Button 131 N/A N/A N/A
Horoscope or Astrology 132 IAB15-1 IAB V1.0 Science Astrology
Mobile App Downloads 133 N/A N/A N/A
Unbranded Creative 135 N/A N/A N/A
Contextual Nudity 136 N/A N/A N/A
Arrest Records 137 N/A N/A N/A
Software or System update 138 N/A N/A N/A
Auto: Manufacturers 139 N/A N/A N/A
Auto: Dealerships 140 N/A N/A N/A
Auto: Parts and Services 141 N/A N/A N/A
Auto: Classifieds 142 N/A N/A N/A
Boats and Watercraft 143 N/A N/A N/A
Gambling - Mahjong 144 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Online Cash Games 145 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Gambling - Country approved operator 146 IAB1-8 DAAST Arts & Entertainment Gambling/Casino
Dating - Sexually Explicit 147 N/A N/A N/A
Medical Devices 148 N/A N/A N/A
Clinical Trial Recruitment 149 N/A N/A N/A
HIV home tests 150 N/A N/A N/A
Paternity Test 151 N/A N/A N/A
Abortion 152 N/A N/A N/A
Birth Control or Fertility Products 153 N/A N/A N/A
Cosmetic Procedues 154 N/A N/A N/A
Plastic Surgery 155 N/A N/A N/A
Moderate Nudity 156 N/A N/A N/A
Cosmetic Procedure Nudity 157 N/A N/A N/A
Alcohol - Online Sales 158 IAB8-5 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Cocktails/Beer
Alcohol - Prohibited Content 159 N/A N/A N/A
Pharm: Lipostabil 160 N/A N/A N/A
Pharmaceuticals - Graphic Imagery 161 N/A N/A N/A
Online Games - Weapons / Violence 162 N/A N/A N/A
Firearms and Weapons: Sporting Goods Stores 163 IAB17-18 IAB V1.0 Sports Hunting/Shooting
Firearms and Weapons: Gun Accessories 164 IAB17-18 IAB V1.0 Sports Hunting/Shooting
Firearms and Weapons: Services and Education 165 IAB17-18 IAB V1.0 Sports Hunting/Shooting
Political: Negative Attack Ads 166 N/A N/A N/A
Sexual Toys and Accessories 167 N/A N/A N/A
Misleading Claims - Beauty and Cosmetics 168 N/A N/A N/A
Offer Not Actionable on Landing Page 169 N/A N/A N/A
Creative has non-functional elements 170 N/A N/A N/A
Tabloid / Advertorial 171 N/A N/A N/A
Strip Club / Gentlemans Club 172 N/A N/A N/A
Unaccredited Online Universities 173 N/A N/A N/A
Underwear / Lingerie 174 N/A N/A N/A
GDN Remarketing 175 N/A N/A N/A
Financial: Forex 176 N/A N/A N/A
Unsubstantiated Rate 177 N/A N/A N/A
Travel Deterrent 178 N/A N/A N/A
Price Match Guarantee 179 N/A N/A N/A
YDN 180 N/A N/A N/A
State of Emergency Profiteering 181 N/A N/A N/A
Food and Drink: Restaurants/Delivery Services 182 IAB8-9 IAB V1.0 Food & Drink Dining Out
Premium Services: Power Utilities 183 IAB3-5 IAB V1.0 Business Construction