International creatives

We have many clients running multinational and multilingual creatives and offers. Submit multinational creatives for audit as you normally would. When the creative is of a major multinational brand, we will add the brand to the brand list and audit the creative as we would any other creative in our system. When they are submitted for audit, they will be approved for our supply partners based on their respective creative requirements. For example, a Bayer advertisement in German would be marked Bayer, an Orbitz creative in French would be marked Orbitz.

Auditing platform operations

The Xandr auditing team will continue to test these creatives for proper display, click-through, and creative and landing page quality whenever possible. For multinational creatives, it is even more important for the creative to be well-branded and that the brand distinctly matches the landing page. The Xandr auditing team uses translating tools to determine the brand category and offer for a creative. Our automated testing tools will continue to monitor the creative's behavior until you deactivate it.


  • The more obvious the brand alignment between the creative and the landing page, the easier it is for the audit team to approve the creative.
  • While it is great to use geo-targeting in campaigns, make sure that the creative landing page is accessible in all geos so that the audit team can evaluate it appropriately.

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