Loss reason codes

If your bidder has been enabled for lurl, the ${AUCTION_LOSS} macro returns a code for the bid loss reason. The following are the loss codes you might see and their corresponding description.

lurl Loss Code lurl Loss Description
1 Internal Error
3 Invalid Bid Response
4 Invalid Deal ID
5 Invalid Auction ID
6 Invalid (i.e., malformed) Advertiser Domain
7 Missing Markup
8 Missing Creative ID
9 Missing Bid Price
100 Bid was Below Auction Floor
101 Bid was Below Deal Floor
102 Lost to Higher Bid
104 Buyer Seat Blocked
200 Creative Filtered - General; reason unknown
201 Creative Filtered - Pending Processing by Exchange (e.g., approval, transcoding, etc.)
202 Creative Filtered - Disapproved by Exchange
203 Creative Filtered - Size Not Allowed
204 Creative Filtered - Incorrect Creative Format
205 Creative Filtered - Advertiser Exclusions
207 Creative Filtered - Not Secure
208 Creative Filtered - Language Exclusions
209 Creative Filtered - Category Exclusions
210 Creative Filtered - Creative Attribute Exclusions
213 Creative Filtered - Not Allowed in PMP Deal

For more information on the macros supported for lurl, see Incoming Bid Response from Bidders.