Bidders - Passive segment upload using AWS S3

If your Xandr member account is integrated with AWS S3, you can upload segment data into an AWS S3 bucket instead of actively running API commands against the Batch Segment Service. To set up this integration, contact your account support or file an issue at Xandr will provide upload credentials on initial setup.

Process after member integration

After your member is integrated, the Batch Segment Service scans the /submitted directory every five minutes for new data and creates linkages between users and segments according to the information in your data files. You can track upload success using the AWS CLI tool at https://aws, using the following command to display the directory contents:

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=insert_your_access_key_id_received_from_xandr AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=insert_your_secret_access_key_id_received_from_xandr aws s3 ls s3://bss-insert_your_member_id-eu-north-1/

Completed jobs will result in the data file being moved to the /done or /failed subdirectory, with a -JOB_ID suffix added to the file name. You can use this information for tracking purposes using the Batch Segment Service API.


Current AWS regions configured for S3 buckets are:

  • us-east-2
  • us-west-2
  • eu-north-1
  • eu-west-1

When creating bucket(s) for client, create it/them under us-east-2 by default, unless specified by client.

If requested, create the bucket under the corresponding region where we have configured buckets for data uploading.

If requested, create the bucket under the corresponding region where we have configured buckets for data uploading; 1 bucket is allowed per region.


  1. I have access to the AWS S3 bucket. How can I view the contents of the /submitted directory?

    To access the /submitted directory, you must create it. Ensure that there are no spaces between the forward slash (/) and the text characters while creating the directory.

  2. Should I create the /done or /failed subdirectories?

    No. The /done or /failed subdirectories are automatically created.

  3. I have received my AWS S3 login credentials, but I am experiencing difficulties logging in.

    To maintain security, the initial AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY login credentials sent to you may be missing some characters. For security purposes, we send your credentials in two separate communications. Ensure that you have received the complete text string of your login from your Xandr contact.

  4. If I don't log in to AWS S3 frequently, will my credentials expire?

    No. Your access key id and secret access key for AWS S3 does not expire.