Bidders - Verifying segment uploads

There are a few ways to confirm that your uploads are successful.

  • When checking the status of your file, you will receive a status report that contains the following useful parameters

    Parameters Description
    num_valid The number of valid user-segment pairs in the file.
    num_valid_user The total number of valid user IDs in the file.
    num_invalid_user The total number of invalid user IDs in the file.
    segment_log_lines The number of unique valid users added to each segment. The format is [SEGMENT ID]-[NUMBER OF USERS].
    Note: This field is limited to 999 lines in your file. If you have more than 999 segments in the job, some of them will not be shown.
  • Use the Segment Loads API Report to see the number of valid user IDs that have been loaded into a segment over a given time period.

  • Spot check a few user IDs to confirm they have been added to the appropriate segments using the below URLs. If you don't see the user in one geo, be sure to check the other geo.




  • If you have access to the Xandr UI, use the Segment Inventory Overlap report to gauge how many impressions you can expect to see by segment, seller, and country. Note that you’ll need to wait a few days after creating new segments before data will show up in this report.