Microsoft Curate - Buying Microsoft inventory

You can buy Microsoft inventory on the Microsoft Advertising platform.

Inventory overview combines the best of Outlook and Hotmail to offer a clutter-free environment for communicating with family, friends, and colleagues. focuses on four key points for advertisers:

  1. Consumer Focus: Designed with both the consumers and advertisers in mind
  2. Advertiser Exclusivity: There's only one advertiser per page (allowlist helps to ensure exclusivity)
  3. High Relevance: Active (100% logged in) users provide a large pool of targeting options, which helps increase ROI
  4. Simple, yet visual: Simple creatives deliver imagery that stands out against a clean environment


Packages bundled with Microsoft user data are available through the packages marketplace. For more information, see Buying Microsoft Deals.

Availability and volume

  • Over 400 million active email accounts
  • 38 markets globally
  • 9.8 billion monthly global display impressions (over 1.4 billion in US)

Formats and specifications

The recommended minimum creative dimensions are 160px x 600px.

Publisher 160x600 728x90 300x50 300x600
Outlook X


SSL creative required.

Targeting instructions

For information on general inventory targeting, see Buying Microsoft Inventory and Domain Targeting.

To target inventory,

  1. On the Specific Domains tab, click Include.
  2. Enter
  3. Click Add Domains to add it to the included domains list.
  4. Click Add.

For instructions on how to target the Outlook app, see Buying Microsoft Windows App Inventory.


For more information on how to add a Microsoft Outlook versatile creative, see adding a Microsoft Outlook versatile creative.

More questions?

If you have any further questions about buying inventory, please contact your Microsoft Advertising account representative.