Microsoft Curate - Impression funnel

The Impression Funnel provides detailed deal line item metric information in the form of graphs and charts. The Impression Funnel is available in the Troubleshooting window. For more information, see Troubleshooting Line Items.

You can use the Impression Funnel to:

  • View impressions matched, bids, bid requests, auctions won, and impressions rendered to understand the deal line item’s health.
  • Monitor associated rates to keep track of deal line item performance, including: bid request rate, bid rate, win rate, and render rate.
  • Learn recommended seller actions to manually remedy line item issues as well as buyer actions to suggest directly to the buyer.

The Impression Funnel includes the following settings and metrics:

  • Buyers - The buyers associated with the line item. Click the Edit icon to change buyers.


    Selecting a buyer filters the Impression Funnel issues and suggested actions to that specific buyer.

  • Scale - The most useful way to display the line item metrics to for your situation: Linear or Logarithmic.

  • Metrics - The available deal line item metrics that include:


    You can select or deselect metrics to add or remove them from the bar graph for greater clarity.

    • Imps Matched - The count of available impressions matching the deal line item's targeting and buyer's acceptance status.
    • Bids Requests - The count of requests sent to the buyer with the deal included.
    • Bids - The count of deal auctions with a bid from the buyer. This metric represents the presence of a single bid per buyer, even if the buyer bids multiple times on the same auction.
    • Auctions Won - The count of bids that successfully won the Microsoft Advertising auction. This metric does not account for secondary auctions in the seller’s primary ad server.
    • Imps Rendered - The count of successful creative renders on the deal.
  • Time - Use the Time drop-down to select the time frame in which to display the metrics. Choose from:

    • 10 Minutes
    • 1 Hour
    • 24 Hours
  • Rates - The following rates are displayed along with the number of Issues and Actions (if any). Select each rate to display a graphic of the results along with and a more detailed description of any issue and suggested seller and buyer actions:

    • Bid Request Rate - Calculated by dividing Bid Requests by Imps Matched.
    • Bid Rate - Calculated by dividing Bids by Bid Requests.
    • Win Rate - Calculated by dividing Auctions Won by Bids.
    • Render Rate - Calculated by dividing Imps Rendered by Auctions Won.