Deal lists for curated deals

A deal is an agreement between a buyer, curator or seller that provides special access to inventory and/or data. Deals are primarily used to access preferred premium inventory, negotiated inventory or unique audiences.

A deal list is a group of deals IDs categorized under a single heading for targeting across curated deal line items. Deal lists allow curators to pre-define lists of seller deals for their operations team and streamline their workflows, making it easy to target the same group of seller deals across curated deal line items. If deal grouping requirements change, you can make the changes in the deal list and all curated deal line items will be updated accordingly.

Manage deal lists

You can create and manage Deal Lists at the Member and Advertiser level. A deal list may contain one or more deal IDs and a deal ID can be added to multiple deal lists. However, a deal ID can be added only once to a single deal list. While adding or removing deals in a deal list, you can find the deals by deal ID, deal name or deal alias. Additionally, deal IDs can be added to a list in bulk.

Create a new deal list

  1. In the Inventory menu select Deal Lists from the dropdown.

  2. Click New on the Deal List page and provide the following details on the Create a New Deal List page:

    1. Name: Enter the name of the deal list.

    2. Description: Enter a description for the deal list which can offer a brief definition for it. For example, Deal list for Ford USA advertisers.

    3. Available to: (Optional) Select whether the deal list is specific to particular advertisers, or if it is available to all advertisers under the current member. If the deal list is available only to particular advertisers, enter the advertiser details by searching for the name or ID of the advertisers. You can add one or more advertisers in this field.

    4. Deals: Add deals to the deal list. There are multiple options for adding deals to the list:

      1. Search and Add: Search deals by ID, name or alias. Post selection of a deal, it displays the particulars about the deal such as Name, ID, Buyer Deal Status (Active/Inactive) and Seller member. You can also click the eye button to view further details about the deal such as Currency, Type, Sizes, Brands, Media Types, Start and End dates, etc. You can add multiple deals using this search option.
      2. Import: Allows you to bulk import a list of deals from a CSV file to a deal list.
      3. Paste Deal IDs: Add the Deal IDs by entering them manually, each ID separated by a comma or hard return.


      Deals with pending, active, or null deal acceptance status can be added to a deal list. Inactive or Declined deals are ineligible deals which cannot be added to a deal list.

  3. Once all deal IDs are added, click Save to complete the setup.

Edit a deal list

  1. Click on the name of the deal list on the Deal List page. This will display the details of the deal list with the deals it contains.
  2. Click Add to include more deals to the deal list. To add deals to the deal list, follow the instructions in the Create a New Deal List section above.
  3. To remove an existing deal from the deal list, select the checkbox next to the deal and then click Remove. A confirmation window will be displayed. Click Save to delete the deal from the list.

Target deal lists

After creating a deal list you can target it on the curated deal line item setup screen. In the Basic Setup section, select the Deals option under Supply Strategy. You’ll then be able to target either individual deals or deal lists.

To target all deals available to you

Select All Deals.

To target specific deals available to you

  1. Select Specific Deals.

  2. A pull-down menu displays with Deals selected by default.

  3. To target specific deals, select one of the following targeting options and complete the corresponding steps:

    Menu Option Steps
    Deals a. Search for available deals by name, alias, ID, or code to target.
    b. Include deals by clicking the .

    Tip: You can also click the eye button to view additional details about the deal such as Currency, Type, Sizes, Brands, Media Types, Start Date, and End Date.
    Deal Lists a. Search for available deal lists by ID or name to target.
    b. Include deals by clicking the .


    You may only include deals and deal lists in your targeting. It is not possible to exclude deals or deal lists. You can include a mix of deals and deal lists in your targeting.

  4. Click Save to complete the setup.