Microsoft Curate - Explore and manage advertisers

The Advertisers screen is a management screen that shows you essential metrics about all your advertisers, provides quick access to each advertiser's details and child objects, and reporting options.

Managing advertisers

  • To reach the Advertisers screen, select Package > Advertisers in the menu bar.

  • To edit an advertiser, hover over the row for the advertiser you want to edit and then click the pencil icon.

  • To activate or deactivate an advertiser, select the checkbox for each advertiser you want to activate or deactivate and click Activate or Deactivate.

  • To delete an advertiser, select the checkbox next to each advertiser you want to delete and click Delete.


    Deleting an advertiser deletes all of its child objects as well, including insertion orders, line items, campaigns, creatives conversion pixels, and segments. The deletions are permanent and cannot be reverted. Although deleted objects continue to be available in reporting, you will no longer have visibility into their specific settings (revenue budget for line items, cost budget and targeting for campaigns, etc.).

Viewing metrics

The metrics on the Advertisers screen help you assess the performance and delivery of your advertisers at a glance. These metrics are faster and more readily accessed than via standard reporting whereas reporting requires you to submit a request and then wait for a response, these stats are cached on a regular basis and are shown whenever you open the Advertisers screen.

Because these stats are dependent upon reporting data and are synced after reporting has closed for any given hour, for a small chunk of time each hour, there may be discrepancies between reporting and the grid data. For more details, see Availability of Reporting Data.


To sort your advertisers by any statistic, click on the relevant column.


The following stats are shown for each advertiser. Note that the data always reflects the currently selected stats interval:

  • ID - The unique identifier of advertiser.
  • Ins Orders - Number of insertion orders under the advertiser.
  • Line Items - Number of line items under the advertiser.

Viewing advertiser details

To view advanced details about an advertiser, click on the advertiser you want to view. See View Advertiser Details for more information.

Viewing child objects

The Ins Orders, Line Items, and Campaigns columns show you the number of insertion orders (if used), line items, and campaigns below each advertiser. You can click on these numbers to navigate to the complete list of objects with their stats.

Filtering details

The Advanced Filters menu lets you filter for advertisers based on State, Advertiser Name, and External Code. You can select Inactive or Active from the State menu. Click on Apply or Apply and Save As. The Apply and Save As option will save your filter for future purpose. You can also select Active filter from Select a Setting menu, so only active advertisers are listed. Note that inactive advertisers are shown with names, IDs, and stats in italics.

Searching by name/ID

You can use the search field at the top of the screen to find all advertisers whose names or IDs include a specific string of characters or numbers.

Reporting on advertisers

You can initiate a Network Analytics report for one or more advertisers directly from the Advertisers screen. Select the checkbox for each advertiser that you want to report on and click Run Report.

This takes you to the Network Analytics report, where the advertisers you selected are set as filters.