Microsoft Curate - Set up audiences with universal pixel

You can set up audiences for your universal pixel using rules and conditions, then target the audience segments in the Audience and Location Targeting settings of your line item.

To configure an audience:

  1. From the top menu bar, click Audiences > Universal Pixel.

  2. Select a pixel from the Universal Pixels page.

    If no pixels are defined, use the setup instructions in Universal Pixel Basic Implementation to create one.

  3. Click +New.

  4. Provide a name for the audience.

    You can use this name to select an audience segment in your line item settings under Audience Location and Targeting.

  5. Under Include people who, create conditions to define the audience segment you want your pixel to populate. Use AND if you want all conditions to be fulfilled to qualify a user for the segment. Use OR if any of the conditions will qualify the user.

  6. Under Keep people in audience, decide how long the users you have identified should remain in the audience segment you are creating.

    This number is sometimes called “Time to Live,” or TTL. The maximum TTL is 180 days. However, because cookies may become inactive, or users may no longer be relevant to the segment, we recommend a value of 60 days or less for most segments. For example, the users in a “highly motivated purchaser” segment may not remain highly motivated for a long duration.

  7. Click Save.

    The audience segment will be displayed on the Audiences tab of the Universal Pixels page, and will be available for targeting by both name and segment ID in the Audience and Location Targeting settings of your line items. You can see audience segment activity updating on the Audiences tab as Curate collects data about your segments.