Data buyer provider service

The Data Buyer Provider Service allows you to view all activated buyers on the Data Marketplace that have access to your data and have activated data clearing with you. Any segment that you’ve mapped using the existing Segment Billing Category Service is automatically cleared for these buyers.


View all current buyers


JSON fields

Field Type (Length) Description Default
id int ID of the sharing record. Auto-generated number
last_modified date When the data_buyer_provider record was last modified.
active boolean View whether the record is active or inactive.
data_provider_member_id int ID of data provider member assigned to you by the Data Marketplace.
buyer_member_id int Member ID of the buyer.
data_revshare_pct double Data revenue share of the total cost (inherited from data provider member), e.g., 20% = 20.
data_cost_type string Set cost type (inherited from data provider member).
- 1: CPM
- 2: %MediaCost


View all current buyers activated for data clearing

curl -b cookies -c cookies ""
        "response": {
                "count": 1,
                "data_buyer_providers": [
                                "active": true,
                                "buyer_member_id": 1370,
                                "data_cost_type": "cpm",
                                "data_provider_member_id": 958,
                                "data_revshare_pct": 20,
                                "id": 2605,
                                "last_modified": "2017-10-05 20:57:21"
                        "output_term": "data_buyer_providers",
                        "version": "1.18.888",
                        "warnings": []
                "num_elements": 100,
                "start_element": 0,
                "status": "OK"