API getting started

To help you get started using the API, we've provided you with several resources. You can find an API reference, best practices, typical setup steps, common operations for network users, and information about concepts such as breaking changes and API usage constraints.

Before you can use any of the API services, you must have access to the API endpoints. See API Onboarding Process for information on gaining access.


If you're new to working with REST APIs, start here to learn about how the API works, some of the best ways to interact with it, and other introductory information.

Using the API

Here you can find out the specifics of working with the API, including how to get set up with API access to the endpoints.

Email communications

Xandr sends periodic emails that we think you'll find useful, including Marketing Communications (event invitations, whitepapers), Product and Technical Communications (release notes, service updates), and Training Communications (webinars, live training sessions). If you have a Xandr user account, you should receive relevant communications automatically.

Additional resources

Here are some additional resources that maybe helpful as you explore the API.