Clicktrackers feed

You can use click trackers to track user clicks on creatives served by third-party ad servers (rather than by Xandr). This reporting feed provides data on those external clicks.


Each row returned is for a single click event.

How to fetch this feed?

For instructions on how to fetch the clicktrackers feed, see the example on the Bulk Reporting Feeds page, but set the "report_type" to "clicktrackers" and build your request using the fields shown below.


Column Type Example Description
hour timestamp 2012-02-24 12:00 The year, month, day, and hour of the external click.
day timestamp 2012-02-24 The year, month, and day of the external click.
month timestamp 2012-02 The year and month of the external click.
datetime timestamp 2012-02-24 12:52:55 The year, month, day, hour, minute, and second of the external click.
advertiser_id int 36224 The ID of the advertiser that owns the click tracker.
auction_id int 7562841545137044238 The ID used by Xandr for the external click event.
line_item_id int 70411 The ID of the line item to which the click tracker is associated.
insertion_order_id int 2983 The ID of the insertion order to which the line item is associated. If 0, the line item is not associated to an insertion order.
member_id int 536 The ID of the member to which the advertiser belongs.
pricing_type enum "cpm" The way the member is paid by the advertiser. Possible values: "none", "cpm", "cpc", "cpa", "cost_plus_cpm", or "cost_plus_margin".
publisher_id int 114370 The ID of the publisher to which the click tracker is associated.
site_domain string "" The domain where the external click occurred.
tag_id int 690240 The ID of the placement to which the click tracker is associated. If 0, the click tracker is not associated to a placement.
tracker_id int 22 The ID of the click tracker.
user_id int 5809746384815353833 The ID used by Xandr for the user who clicked. If not known, this is 0.


Column Type Example Formula Description
commission_cpm money 0.25 commission_cpm The cpm that the member pays a broker. This is set at the line item.
commission_revshare money 0 commission_revshare The revshare that the member pays a broker. This is set at the line item.
media_buy_cost money 0.25 media_buy_cost The amount paid for the external click. The third-party ad server passes this in the "ancost" parameter of the click tracker's query string.
media_buy_rev_share_pct double 0.1 media_buy_rev_share_pct The percentage of revenue that the member pays the publisher.
revenue_value money 5.00 revenue_value The amount that the advertiser pays the member. This is set at the line item.