Digital Platform API - Deal From Package service

A package is a deal that a seller is prepared to offer to any buyer. Buyer members use the Package Buyer Access Service to browse available packages and find one that meets their needs. Then buyers use the Deal From Package service to generate a deal between themselves and the seller.

Once you have generated a deal, you can view deal details including description and deal pricing using the Deal Buyer Access Service.


HTTP Method Endpoint Description
GET Find out which fields you can filter and sort by.
POST Create a new deal based on a package.

Note: When a member makes a POST call to this service, a deal record is generated with the member set as the buyer.

JSON fields

Field Type Description
id int The ID of the deal creation record.

Default: auto-generated number.
package_id int The ID of the package from which you are generating a deal. You can use the Package Service to get package IDs.

Required On: POST


Create a deal from a package

$ cat create_deal

    "package_id" : 5555

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies -X POST -d @create_deal.json ""

  "response": {
    "status": "OK",
    "count": 1,
    "deal-from-package": {
      "id": 1684,
      "package_id": 5555